In addition to the beer reviews, and game reviews, and beer/game pairing reviews, and chunks of questionable writing content that you’ll find here, I’ll also include a section devoted to, well, everything else. Random thoughts that may follow me around all day. Those horrible snippets of songs that I know I’ve heard before, but that I’m probably remembering wrong, so SoundHound is no help to me. Observations, musings, questions, comments, tasteful ragings, and anything else my mind happens to vomit out during a normal (or abby normal) day. It’ll kind be like an Instagram, except instead of posed “candid” pictures of sandwiches and cat silhouettes, it’ll be thoughts (unless I make an epic sandwich. Then you better believe I’ll take a picture of that bitch and share it with everyone).

Typically, these posts will consist of such gems as “My favorite pens to write with, and why (hint: because I like the sound it makes)”, or “How can Benedict Cumberbatch have so much attention from six episodes of a TV show (hint: because he’s awesome).” Maybe there will be other reviews in here as well that don’t belong in the beer or game reviews. I love to cook and grill. Perhaps I’ll post my top five recipes, or a list of reasons why grilling a steak should be treated like a first date. I may just use it as a place to immortalize the name I made up for that one dude who pulled out in front of me and proceeded to drive 20 in a 55. The sky’s the limit! (Oh, and if that dude is reading this…why you gotta be an asshole?)



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One man's words on beer, video games, writing, and the randomness of life.

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