I’m a 20 something, modern, educated young adult who grew up surrounded by ever increasing and advancing technologies. I view these technologies as something to embrace and promote, rather than standing in front of the ATM, yelling at the money elves to count my money faster. Of course, one of these technologies has, is, and probably will always be, video games. I take to video games like…a video game shaped peg in the world’s least thought out analogy puzzle. In other words, I, like millions of men, women, and Mountain Dew fueled 13 year-olds around the the world, love wasting time and money on those fictional, seizure-inducing, fantastical worlds of escape known as video games. I love them so much that I’ll spend five hours thinking of a name for my Skyrim character, only to restart the next day because I suddenly want to be a Dark Elf who sneaks a lot, instead of a big Nord named Wolfgar (this has happened more than once.) I love immersing myself into the stories of the games, imagining all of the possible discussions that were had in order to create the worlds that gamers can run, jump, swing, slash, shoot, die, and rage across every day. At the same time, I love being entertained. All of that leads to this: My game reviews. Like most reviews, I’ll grade my games on major categories like story, gameplay, and replayability. I’ll detail both the high and low points, my favorites and frustrations, from every game. Additionally, I’ll go a step farther, and pair my games with a hand picked beer that I feel goes best with that game. That way, you’re not only reading a game review, you’re reading a guide on how to improve your gaming (or, at least how to not care if you keep dying…if you drink enough.) Why will I do this? Why not? I often find myself combining beer drinking and video games, so I thought I’d share the practice. Give it a try.

The games that I review will be on either the PS3 or a PC. Most genres will be represented, and the games won’t be limited to the newest releases. If you have a game in mind that you’d like to hear a review on, or even if you want to know which beer pairs best with your favorite game, let me know. Your ideas will only help me, by giving me a continuous excuse to drink, play video games, and document the results. Stay up to date with my reviews here.



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