Boring, Important Stuff

I, Paul Gardner, and anyone remotely associated with the creation of The Daily Beard, including my beard, have no connections to any of the products that I review.  I am merely a grateful imbiber of tasty beverages and entertaining technology.  None of my reviews will be used for financial gain on my part, and I receive no restitution from anyone or any entity for any reviews or comments made here.  All products mentioned here are owned by the appropriate companies, groups, and/or individuals who are recognized as such.

All views, comments, beliefs, and statements on this site are my own, and in no way represent any brand, company, individual or product unless otherwise indicated.

Having said that, all views, comments, beliefs, statements, words, sections of writing, stories, prompts, and ideas are all original and of my own mind, unless otherwise stated.  Any use of the aforementioned list, or of any other original content found on this site without permission from me is prohibited, and kinda dickish.  If you find something I say on here funny, engaging, important, or otherwise worthy of repeating, ask me in the comments if you can use it.  My stories will be off-limits, unless you’re from a publisher, or some other legitimate writing association with intentions of helping me achieve my goals.  In that case, you still need permission, but I’ll be more than willing to supply my ideas  For everything else,  I’ll probably always say yes.  I’m pretty chill.

In terms of privacy, no information from anyone visiting, browsing, or otherwise using will ever be collected, documented, harvested, or acquired in any way, for any reason, ever.  Even if you give me permission.  Note: this does not apply to information made available by a user,  under his or her own free will and volition, through a comment, Tweet, or any other related means.  I wouldn’t suggest doing that, and if you decide to, for whatever reason, leave a comment with your social security number or something, I’ll delete it as soon as I find out about it.  I doubt anyone would actually do that, but who know’s.  The direction sticker on a chainsaw includes “Do not attempt to stop chain with face”, so never underestimate the unpredictability of people.

That’s about it.  I didn’t see anything like this as a pre-loaded widget or anything, so let this stand as my legal section.  If it helps make it official, I typed it while wearing an olde-timey powdered wig…and I took quite a few pauses to harrumph.  Any other legal issue that I didn’t cover, refer to the WordPress terms and whatnot.  Basically, be cool, don’t plagiarize, give credit, and have fun.



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