The Daily Beard’s Winter Beer Hootenanny

Season’s greetings, my friends! Welcome back to the Daily Beard – your cozy cabin in the winter woods, where the beer never runs out and always keeps the chill away. Over the next month or two, I’ll be reviewing any winter brews I can get my hands on – seasonal stouts, Christmas ales, winter warmers, and even a festive cider or two. With every brewery seemingly offering a handful of winter beers, my list is longer than Santa’s, so there should be no shortage of tasty brews to try.

Stop by tomorrow for the first day of The Daily Beard’s Winter Beer Hootenanny. Until then, come on in, leave your coats at the door, and have a seat next to the fire. There’s plenty of beer and good times to be had. 


4 thoughts on “The Daily Beard’s Winter Beer Hootenanny”

  1. I’m looking for a good cider to carry in my restaurant. I was carrying Original Sin but the most requested (and most common) is Angry Orchard. I’m always looking for the best brews to share, I tend to shy from popularity, lol. Looking forward to your winters posts!

    1. Angry Orchard does produce some tasty ciders. There’s also Woodchuck, which was my introduction to ciders and also tasty. Both are typically consistent with quality ciders, but I’ve found that there are always hidden gems out there.

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