Welcome back my friends, to another Monday Daily Beard NaNoWriMo update. Actually, it’ll be the final update. Why? As you can see from the spiffy image above, I veni vidi vici’d the 50,000 word mark early this morning.

As it is now, the novel that I managed to write is rougher than a pile of gravel glued to some sandpaper, but it’s definitely an awesome start to something much, much more. I found it much easier to write when I had a deadline looming in the distance, even if there wasn’t anything actually forcing me to write. So, starting in January, I think I’ll set personal writing goals on here – something around 25,000 words a month, maybe 30k. That way I’ll motivate myself to write out of fear of failing my own challenge.

And so, five days early, the Daily Beard NaNoWriMo Extravaganza draws to its tear-jerking conclusion. But dry your eyes; sections from Jade will return starting next week, and hopefully soon after, snippets from the new novel! It’ll be double your reading pleasure!  And just like Doublemint taught us, two is almost always better than one.


4 thoughts on “(DaBe)NaNoWriMo…ShaNaNaNa”

    1. Thanks! I think that’s the best we can hope for when half of the words are written under the effects of a pot or 3 of coffee.

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