(DaBe)NaNoWriMo – Week Two


Welcome back, everyone. I’ve got another Daily Beard NaNoWriMo update for you. After a few late night, coffee fueled writing sessions, I’ve almost hit the halfway point, at just over one week in. Pretty decent time, I’d say.

Look at that bar fill! Good stuff. Also, I think I can finally share what exactly I’m writing about. Here goes:

It’s a fantasy type story, set in some distant realm, reminiscent of our Middle Ages (you know – knights, chivalry, castles, kings and so on). Anyway, so far it’s following three main characters – An alchemist named Rosaline, who combines herbs and flowers and some kind of magic that I haven’t fleshed out yet to create potions and elixirs; her knightly lover Alec, a knight of the King’s Brotherhood, the elite military and guard force for his kingdom; and Kellin, a young initiate knight of the Guard (another group of knights like the Brotherhood), and son of the King of another kingdom, Lunastron. Rosaline and Alec are in love, and have decided to run away and form a life together despite the Brotherhood’s code forbidding marriage for their knights. However, a growing disturbance in the northern kingdom of Vardras, including rumors of an ancient beast rising from the sea and destroying entire cities, forces Alec to travel north and offer aid to the potentially beleaguered kingdom. In the southern reaches of the continent, life is pretty swell for Kellin. He’s engaged to a beautiful woman, the elder Knights of the Guard are accepting him for himself, not just as a prince, and he’s only three weeks away from becoming a true knight.

But wait, there’s more! At the same time, a deadly plague is running rampant through the country sides, forcing the kingdoms of Lunastron and Vardras to close their borders and withdraw into their capitol cities. Meanwhile, rumors of activity from the desolation within a former kingdom, now known as the Shadowlands, are sparking panic and questions throughout the land. Will Rosaline and Alec be able to run away? What is this so called “beast” that is terrorizing the northern shores? Will Kellin become a knight, or will the plague catch up to him and destroy his entire kingdom? Stay tuned for the gripping conclusion!

Actually, the conclusion is probably a year away at this point. Not because I’m going to stop writing the story, but so far this new story is on track to triple, possibly quadruple Jade in length, and I haven’t even finished the final edits on that one. I’ve written almost 25,000 words and I’m only halfway through chapter 3. Of course, I’ll probably slice quite a bit out of it once I go back and edit, but still, it’s gearing up to be pretty huge. It’s still super rough, but I’m having a lot of fun chilling out at night, emptying the day’s thoughts by typing until I’m passing out. It’s a good way to bring sleep to you. I’d recommend it, if you find yourself in bed, staring up at the ceiling trying to force yourself to sleep. Even if you’ve never written a thing in your life, give it a shot. You never know. You could write the next 50 Shades of Grey (if you do,please don’t list me as an inspiration).

I’ll post my next major NaNoWriMo update next Monday. I’m guessing I’ll have somewhere between 35-40k words at that point, but we shall see. Until then, write well!


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