(DaBe)NaNoWriMo Update: Truckin’ Along


Good evening, my friends. Well, I guess at this point, it’s the wee hours of the morning. After six days, I’ve hit the quarter way point, reaching word number 12,500 just a few minutes ago. Check it:

At this rate, I should technically hit 50k somewhere around November 28th. But, I’ve only really written on four different nights, so using that logic, I should hit 50k in just 12 more nights. Whatever the math turns out to be, I’m feeling good about it. As of now, the story is still in its infancy stages, though I’ve almost nailed down where I’m ultimately wanting to go with it, story wise. Anyway, stop back in a few days for my next update. Who knows, perhaps I’ll go crazy one day and tear through 20k words in a single day. Time will tell!



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