DaBeWriMo – “The Morning After” Update

2013-Participant-Facebook-CoverSo, after 3 hours, a big pot of coffee, and some 3,000 words later, the first stage of the Daily Beard NaNoWriMo extravaganza came to a better than expected close. Better in the fact that I actually found myself pretty engrossed in what I was writing after a quick five minute brainstorm, and that I was clipping along at about 1,000 words a minute, even as the coffee jitters started to set it. As for what it’s about, I’m not quite sure yet. I’ll figure that out a bit later, once I read back through and see what exactly I typed (once I started, I didn’t really look back.)

Anyway, in what will hopefully be my nerdiest action of the day, I’ve figured I’m already 6% to the 50k goal, and with 29.5 days left, I’m feeling pretty good about hitting that magic number. I don’t think any more will come from that black sludge coffee I made last night (tasty, yet probably strong enough to force Hemmingway into knitting a sweater), but who knows. Maybe it was like an offering to the Old God muse who is apparently financing my journey…with souls!

So, stay tuned over the coming days and weeks. Once I have the story fleshed out a bit more, I’ll post some teasers and plot snippets up here so everyone can come along for the ride. And, for anyone who happens to be on their own NaNoWriMo odyssey, good luck and happy writing!


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