What the Friday?! Ninja Post!

Afternoon everyone.  So, today will be a bit different.  Instead of a beer review, I’ll be sharing a bit of writing.  Partly because I reached a special kind of boredom in class today that summoned a muse and gave rise to these words, and also because I’ll soon be headed over to Crafted Drafts (the store, not the website) for their grand opening.  It’s a much needed craft beer store over here in North East Columbus, and I’m planning on spending, well, until they close for the night, browsing and searching and contemplating the vastness of brew that I’ll see before me.

But, back to the original intent of the post.  My writing.  It’s a poem today.  I don’t write too much poetry, but every now and then I’ll feel a spark and throw some words down.  Having said that, I’ll leave you with Boredom.  Oh, and if you currently are, or will find yourself in Columbus, head on over to Crafted Drafts and treat yourself.


Through the dark, a blooming light
Deliver us from gloomy night.
A savior born from darkest thoughts
To tear us from this land of naught.

Amongst the shades that hold us here
A path of clarity to guide the way.
Beyond the cloak of strangling fear
A doorway open to light of day.

Fighting against the grasping claws
Of heinous demons and gnashing maws.
To find salvation from this hell
In which we’ve all been forced to dwell.

But now we see the glowing end
Of timeless solitude now left behind.
Back to that dark those beasts we send
As anguished thoughts vacate our minds.

And now we bask in freedom’s light
Bearing those scars to mark our plight.
Remembering our time trapped in that dread
Where even horror fears to tread.


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