Yet Another Beer Review Update

Happy Thursday everyone.  Don’t worry, like the weekend, my beer review will be along shortly.  But first, I wanted to make a quick post detailing another slight change to my beer reviews.

Along with the updated grading scale, I’ll now be closing out each review with some pairing ideas.  But, instead of traditional food pairings, or even a reverse video game pairing, I’ll toss out some suggestions based on moods, weather, activities, time of day, and so on.  To me, the flavors, aromas, and all around enjoyment of a beer can change depending on so many factors.  I find drinking with friends to make even the worst glass of swill taste, well, still pretty terrible, but perhaps just a little better.  Likewise, I find certain beers bring a certain attitude with them, that can change from day-to-day.

You can choose to ignore my recommendations.  That’s totally fine.  I make no claims to be an expert.  I just like beer.  And, potentially even more exciting for me, if you have any suggestions on when, where, and why to drink a specific beer, let me know.  I’ve found that drinking craft beer is a community driven experience, best done when in the midst of like-minded, jovial souls, who just want to enjoy some bottled tastiness.


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