Blue Moon Rounder Belgian Style Pale Ale


We’ve reached the end of the Blue Moon Fall Sampler.  In all, it’s been fairly tasty, with only one setback.  Will today’s brew make or break the sampler?  Let’s go find out.

This time, we have Belgian Style Pale Ale.  I feel like I’ve been on a world tour of pale ales over this past week, so I’m curious to see how this one compares to the rest, especially since it’s from Micro minded Macro Brewery Blue Moon.

Upon opening the bottle, the first aromas I detect are the classic roasted malt notes that are familiar to most ales.  The notes are heavy and dark, not like a stout, but almost as if they were roasted a little longer.  It’s not a bad taste, just a bit stronger than other ale’s I’ve had before.  Underneath that first offering are some subtle sugar notes, a slight sweetness that chills out at the sides of the aromas.  So far, this smells like another Grape-Nut beer.  And I enjoy me some Grape-Nuts.

The first taste is more of the same.  Smooth and crisp with a savory malt taste that starts strong before diminishing to that classic bready taste at the back of the mouth.  It lingers for a while like this, roasty and malty.  Hops are basically no where to be found.  Maybe a slight hoppy bitterness around the edges, but the major flavor by far are the malts.

After pouring into a snifter, the smell opens up as usual, but only with some notes.  Crisp, floral accents rise up and take over.  Not overpowering, but stronger than the roasted malts from the bottle smell.  Actually, most of the aromas from the bottle smell are absent, or are very subdued, pushed down to the bottle of the aroma profile.

The taste of the glass pour enhance the flavor, as well as the texture.  The beer takes on a smooth creaminess that feels great.  The flavors are a blend of nutty malts and gentle floral notes that make their way in from the aroma.  The malts are upfront and stay on the majority of the tongue while the lighter, floral tastes bring up the rear and compliment the entire flavor.  After a moment or two, an almost bubbly crispness shows up and takes position on the back of the tongue, before turning into the familiar bready warmth.

This beer pours a golden nut brown with a cream colored head that lasts a few minutes before fading away.  Like all of these Blue Moon offerings, the colors are great and full throughout, looking quite rich as far as beers go.

Overall, this beer has a familiar malty beer taste, like bread.  It is similar to Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale, except that it’s a bit watery.  There aren’t any gimmicks or crazy flavor additions to be found here.  Just straight forward, malty beer.  The tastes bloom when poured while the scents diminish a bit, but as often is the case, those scents reappear as a more potent flavor.  This beer would be best enjoyed slowly, as it lasts quite a while on the tongue, and has a heavy, savory feeling that lends itself towards long term drinking.  I wouldn’t say that it is a boring beer, because it has a great flavor.  But, that same great flavor can be found in several other beers.  There’s nothing remarkable going on here, other than all around flavor, but again, that isn’t too remarkable when countless other brews can offer the same flavor.  It’s a nice beer with sustained tastiness, but it’s just another ale, with nothing exciting going for it.  That doesn’t make it a bad beer though.  Just a tasty beer out of many.  Blue Moon’s Rounder Belgian Style Pale earns a B-.


Taste: 8/10

Lasting Strength: 9/10

Looks: 8/10

Price: 7.5/10

Drinkability: 8/10

Overall:  8.1/10 B-


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