Jade: A Work In Progress

Jade.  What is it?  Well, it’s my novel.  Or, it will be, once I finish and release it.  What’s it about?  I’m glad you asked!

At its core, Jade is a love story.  Wrapped around that warm, gooey center is a tale of deception, murder, mystery, betrayal, heart-break, misery, and even triumphs.  Set in a pseudo fantasy-based Asian empire a thousand years ago, Jade follows the events leading up the Feast of the Jade Moon, a once in a lifetime event in which the moon takes on a jade hue.  Believed to be delivered from the Gods themselves, the Jade Moon has always been seen as a portent of wonderful times.  However, under the brutal hand of a monstrous Emperor, no one can imagine a life free from fear.  His prison chefs, whom have been snatched from the burning remains of their destroyed villages, or forced into life-long servitude in exchange for their families’ safety, have no reason to love the Emperor.  The Master of the Guard, the Emperor’s right hand, has grown increasingly disdainful of his master’s “complacency”, instead desiring the bloodshed and conquest of days gone by.  Even the Emperor’s own daughter, born to a life of abuse and solitude despite her title as princess, has nothing but hate for her father within her heart.

As the feast nears, and the various tensions build into a tinderbox of warring emotions, who will cast the first spark?  Will the chefs finally earn their freedom?  Will the empire be subjugated under yet another tyrant?  And through it all, will two pure souls finally find the glimmer of hope and happiness that has eluded them all their lives?  Beauty laced with bloodshed, hope interwoven with heart-break, Jade will pull you through a soul-rending journey, from of the highest highs of love, to the lowest lows of agony, in an unrestrained crucible of emotional power.


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